Kloudnote: Your Ultimate Cloud-Based Note-Taking Solution

by editormanagewp

You cannot deny the importance and value of the notes retrieval when needed. Losing your notes can lead you to face negative consequences. Some consequences include wasting time, frustration, and missing an opportunity.

Hard-form notes can lead you to face disorganization, cluttered storage, and piling. This is true, especially for those who take notes several times daily and consider students for better understanding.

To ensure proper security, safety, organization, and effective management you can use kloudnote. It allows you to store your information in the cloud and access it anytime, regardless of location. You can do so with the help of any device you have at hand. This way, you can take the most out of time and opportunity. This article aims to offer information on the kloudnote overview and why you should select this remarkable device.

What do you mean by Kloudnote?

Kloudnote is a device by geniatech. You can use this device to facilitate electric writing and note-taking. This device works on the basis of E-ink technology. It does not utilize backlighting or emit light similar to that of the LED and LCD technology.

Whenever the electromagnetic field is applied the microcapcules filled with particles respond to the magnetism and form the black and white text. The particles inside the microcapsules feature positive and negative charges. This then keeps your E-ink tablet or kloudnote working seamlessly.

What Makes a Kloudnote a Worthy Investment?

There is not a single thing that plays its part in this regard; rather, there are many. Get highlights on some key ones down below:


The weight of the kloudnote is negligible; you can easily lift or handle it. You don’t need to put in much effort from your side. The total weight of this kloudnote is only 390 grams. This lightweight adds up to the portability of the E-ink tablet. You can take it to your classes or in your offices. This way, you can get the most out of your tablet.

High Touch Precision

When you begin writing on this kloud note, you will experience remarkable precision and accuracy. This is because of the class 4096 electromagnetic pressure sensing. Where you put your pen or finger, the text will appear right in that place without fault. This provides you with the same experience as you can experience with paper or pen.

Maximum Storage

The E-ink tablet offers you remarkable storage. You can store up to 20,000 eBooks on your tablet. It offers a total space of up to 64 GB. Apart from this storage, you can utilize the cloud storage by synchronizing it with your E-ink tablet. You can easily access any document, book or magazine from your tablet.

Offline OCR

This feature is completely remarkable when it comes to the E-ink tablet. You can convert your handwriting into text form by using the OCR feature. You can also convert the voice into text without incorporating a pen or finger for writing. The option exists to save the documents for later usage. Through the cloud, you can enable multiple users to contribute to the document in real time.

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