Factors to Consider When buying a YouTube Channel

by editormanagewp

One major way to make money off YouTube as a video content marketer is by having a large number of YouTube subscribers. Achieving this feat is often difficult as there are also tons of YouTubers who want the same thing as you – getting subscribers.

As inauthentic as it may seem, a means through which you can solve the concern of low subscribers is by buying them. Ideally, you can pay $9.99 for 90 subs. Note that buying people to subscribe to your channel has its downs as well as it has its ups. What will eventually make a difference is the means through which you got your subscribers. This piece will in due time, address some of the ways through which you can buy YouTube subscribers.

Ways of Buying YouTube Subscribers

While looking to invest in purchasing YouTube subscribers, you must endeavor to tread with caution. This is so as not to send the wrong signals to Google and have your account permanently banned. Beware of fake sellers. That said, Here are some of the means through which anyone can buy YouTube subscribers for their channel:

1. Straight buying

This is one of the simplest ways to buy YouTube subscribers. If you’re opting for this method, you should be able to apply extra caution as Google easily detects a channel that earned its subscribers through this means. During straight buying, all you need to do is to visit a website that offers this, order, make payments, and receive. It’s that simple.

2. Influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing has been on for quite some time now. This is a means of contracting and paying someone or a group of people who have a large number of loyal followers to advertise your channel to their audience. From YouTube to LinkedIn to Instagram, etc, every social media platform has a set of influencers. Buying subscribers through this means don’t pose as much risk as to the former.

3. Google Ads

As you already know, YouTube is a Google property. That is probably a more reason why using this system is the most legitimate means to buy YouTube subscribers without making it look like you’re paying for them. Running YouTube ads for your channel through Google will only give it the direct visibility you want. This also helps to drive more traffic which most times turns the visitors into permanent subscribers.

4. Other means of Advertising

Aside from running google ads, other forms of advertising may work in this regard. Before setting out, however, you must make sure that you study the platforms carefully and see if they fit into what you’re looking to do. An example of social media platforms where you can run sponsored YouTube ads includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Getting to this point of the article only means that you’re acquainted with the ways through which YouTube subscribers can be gotten. As a beginner, you may want to engage in a few trials and errors. This is usually done to ensure that you find what method best fits.

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