Factors That Affect The Demand For Smartwatch Android


The electronics world is constantly evolving. The constant change can get demonstrated through the innovations in smartwatch devices. The popularity of smartwatches is growing; thus, they are about to replace the classic watch. The watch 3 in UK is an example of a trendy watch. Furthermore, various groups of people demand the watch for different reasons. Thus, this post aims to educate you on the factors that affect the demand for smartwatch android.

Factors that affect the demand for smartwatch android

1. Accessory

Most young people currently love to be seen with the latest wearables. The smartwatch contains straps and features that make it attractive. About 48% of smartwatch owners in the world are young people between 18 and 35 years old. Therefore, most young people state their demand for the smartwatch is for an accessory.

2. Convenience

Smartwatches are convenient. For example, one does not need to check their notifications on their phone constantly. Instead, they can use the watch to check notifications easily, read messages, and make calls. Furthermore, research conducted on smartwatch demand shows that most people prefer smartwatches due to their convenience features.

3. Social conformity

The social conformity trend for buying a smartwatch is commonly seen among young people. Most young people need to fit in with others. Therefore, they may opt to purchase the smartwatch for them not to be seen as inferior. But, some study shows that once the young have purchased the watch, they find it a window to their smartphones. Thus, encourage others to buy the smartwatches, increasing the demand in the market.

4. Gadget lovers

There is a population of people that are ready always to purchase the latest gadgets in the market. It is because the latest gadgets come with innovations that make life easier and ensures fast processes. Thus, for gadget and technology lovers, each improvement in the smartwatches symbolizes improved systems. Thus, contribute to the high smartwatch demand in the market.

5. Health tracking

Health is wealth, and for health fanatics, tracking down one’s health ensures one can keep track of bad health symptoms. Smartwatch wearer can track down their heart rate and oxygen levels using a smartwatch. Furthermore, if some health complications such as a heart attack happen, the watch can notify the registered health care provider of the emergency.

6. Fitness tracking

Daily exercising is crucial. Currently, most people are turning to daily exercises to stay fit. Therefore, they demand smartwatches to keep track of their daily goals. The daily goals can include; the number of steps done in a day, kilometers cycled, or calories burnt.

7. Sleep tracking

Some people usually have trouble sleeping at night. Therefore, they purchase the smartwatch to keep track of their daily sleep pattern. Furthermore, the sleep data received can be used to change sleep timing for quality sleep.

8. Music listening

One can use Bluetooth earphones to connect to their smartwatches thus listen to music. Also, if you do not mind the smartwatch screen size, you can use it to watch movies.


Smartwatches have no limitation on the age or gender that one can use it. Furthermore, its use varies from practical uses like health tracking to non-practical uses like social conformity. Therefore, no one can be locked out of using the watch.

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