How to know the best wristwatch for you


Contrary to popular opinion, choosing the right wristwatch can be stressful. This is because there are lots of models, brands, and versions to choose from, so it’s quite hard to make a choice.

Well, it’s not enough to buy a conventional, mechanical watch, but to buy a smartwatch. It’s so unfortunate that a lot of people don’t appreciate how functional smartwatches, like the HONOR Watch ES brands, are. It serves as a minicomputer that notifies you when they are incoming calls, texts, messages, or social media updates through a wireless connection.

If smartwatches are just an accessory, why should we pay much attention to them?

They are called smartwatches for a reason:

  • It includes wireless technologies that allow you to make mobile payments anywhere you go.
  • They come with inbuilt sensors that include heart rate monitors, accelerometers, and barometers, to track your fitness levels and physical activities.
  • Most smartwatches come with their internet connections, so your phone doesn’t have to be with you to perform some advanced functions.

Without further ado, let’s look at the features you should look out for when buying your next smart wristwatch, and how to spot the best one when you see it.

Note that these tips can also be applied to searching for mechanical watches as well, but why would you go 10 steps backward when the world is moving 10 steps forward.

Let’s proceed.

How to Spot the Best Wristwatch for you

1. Phone compatibility:

It isn’t enough to only admire a smart wristwatch and desire to buy it. You must ensure that your phone (either IOS or Android) is compatible with the wristwatch, or else you won’t get value for your money.

This is the point where you read online reviews, watch YouTube review videos, and read the product manual so that you’ll know what you’re getting.

2. Comfort

Every wristwatch, whether mechanical or smart, must be comfortable on your wrist. Do not be fooled by how beautiful the wristwatch. Test and make sure that it’s not so tight to ache your hand or too loose to fall off at every interval.

Most new models are comfortable, round, and less bulky.

3. Water resistance

Although most smartwatches are water-resistant, you have to ensure that the one you’re buying has it if this feature is important to you. Water resistance isn’t just for people who love swimming or working with water resources or marine life. It’s a safety precaution feature.

4. Battery life

This is one feature that you can’t afford to compromise on. You wouldn’t like to buy a smart wristwatch that only lasts for 3 hours or less. You wouldn’t gain value for your money.

As a newbie, looking for the battery life of any product may be difficult for you. The best thing you can do is to read online reviews, watch YouTube videos from renowned tech review experts, and if possible, take advice from friends, family members, and relatives who may have bought the product previously.

The battery life depends on how much power the product consumes and how sophisticated the technology is.

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