What HMS Ecosystem Offers App Developers

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With 5G network setting foot thick and fast, Huawei is doing everything right to ensure that it remains relevant in the new era and stay top of the game. For that reason, they’ve announced several 5G products as well as strategies and providing up-to-date progress on the HUAWEI AppGallery and Huawei Mobile Service (HMS).

The focus is to provide users with an experience of top quality as well as providing the developers with the means to fast-track integration of hms SDK into their apps.

HUAWEI AppGallery

It’s the official Huawei app distribution platform, and it’s a safe, rich, and world app experience. In fact, it’s among the top three world app store with over 9 years of app aggregation as well as development. It serves over 600 device users across the globe.

Ad now, as the company rolls out additional localization services, the AppGallery is looking to bring more popular, trusted, and innovative apps to the Huawei users across the globe.

Moreover, the AppGallery offers Quick Apps, which is an innovative installation-free apps category always on demand. As of now, more than 1,700 Quick Apps are available on the AppGallery.

Full Developer Support

The HMS core 4.0 is ideally a collection of the tools made for partners and app developers in creating unique and new experiences to tap into the capabilities that are available in the Huawei devices.

Several developer kits have been introduced, such as scan kit, machine learning kit, map kit, and several others. Scan kit shortens development time required for implementing the QR code as well as barcode scanning into apps.

On the other hand, a machine learning kit helps detect as well as identify the shapes and features of the user’s face. Therefore, it enables the developers to integrate beautification features easily and object recognition to their apps.

With several global developers joining the HMS ecosystem as well as launching their apps, there’s no doubt that Huawei is set to deliver the best consumer experience.

HMS goes Global

There’s no doubt that Huawei is committed to HMS, as they just showed it by the new launch of HUAWEI Mate Xs. It comes already loaded with several HMS apps optimized for a novel form factor that includes Huawei’s assistant, Huawei AppGallery, Huawei video, plus several others.

Huawei assistant supports over 30 languages as well as serves over 180m active users in a month across the globe, hence provides content according to their local time, location, and weather. There’s also the video platform; Huawei video with a rich duration of on-demand video content.

Security is taken seriously

When it comes to privacy protection and cybersecurity, Huawei has always taken them with the highest regard. Their global device privacy compliance complies with the regulations as well as the local laws in different countries.

Moreover, they have the privacy standard certification, and HMS was among the first to pass the ISO certification, which makes Huawei the best in security management, privacy compliance, and transparency for personal data.

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